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The Rust Cup Game is an indirectly controlled racing rally where players compete on tracks with different difficulty.
Special for the game, we have created a collection of unique NFTs in pixel-art style. Each model has its own characteristics, a unique name, picture and description, and keeps a history of racing. Buy a car, take the challenge and finish the race first!

The current collection includes 96 rare and 200 uncommon NFTs. The collection is launched on the new TIP4 standard
Q4 2021
Launch the game, website,
NFT collection
Q1 2022
Optimize smart contracts, explore everscale opportunities
Q2 2022
Rework smart contracts, develop gameplay visualizations, finalize the collection.
Q3 2022
Tokenomics development, game token release, and work with other holder’s TIP3 tokens

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The Rust Cup Game is a decentralized,
indirectly controlled blockchain game.
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What is Rust Cup?
The Rust Cup Game is an indirectly controlled racing rally. The player purchases racing cars in the form of NFT tokens. In paid races for 4 competitors, the player can win the 1st or the 2nd place, recoup the cost of the car and start earning.
How was the game created?
The game was created in honor of the seven-month validation competition on the Everscale network. The testnet set a world record of blockchain transaction speed and in honor of this, the and teams launched the first game on the Everscale blockchain.
How to play Rust Cup?
The user buys NFT models of 'cars' and through a Debot smart contract participates in races, winning prizes in native Everscale blockchain tokens (EVER). The cars, tracks and winner's table are based on the blockchain and all calculations are made by smart contracts. For more information, check this.