New generation of NFT collection with new original images and migration to new TIP-4 NFT standard.
ScalePunks is a collection of 10,000 unique punks sold out in 3 weeks in 2021, including 9 aliens, 24 apes, 88 zombies, 10 Durov’s and 1 secret punk. The rarity of ScalePunks is determined by its attributes, description and type. Some of them are super rare.

All ScalePunks holders can burn their old ScalePunk NFT and get new TIP-4 standard NFT with new original image.
Everspace and Ever Wallet are supported at this moment
Cancel sell (if needed)
For your convenience, all the Punks for sale are displayed in the table below
Click Swap
Swap fee – 2,2 EVER per Punk.
One Punk – One Swap – One transaction
You have new Punk(s) in the TIP-4 standard
Now you can trade on the GB market

What does the transition to the TIP-4 standard means?

Punk token and Staking
Stake your holdings and earn a percentage-rate reward over time! Put your ScalePunk on staking and get PUNKs governance tokens. You will be able to stake your NFTs on page.
Utility Functions & Tournaments
ScalePunks is about to launch our very own decentralized governance ScalePunks token - PUNK!
The ScalePunks project incorporates the opinions of the community with the ideas of the platform, by using the governance token to make decisions on the development of the project, to make it more interesting, attractive, and easy to use.
Renewable NFT
Make it personal. With new updates we are preparing a big surprise, because it's interesting to have your unique punk even more personalized than ever! Changing the color of hair or skin, adding a pet or creating a frame will soon become possible for every owner of a collection item.
Punks DAO
ScalePunks is excited to bring you the first decentralized Punk NFT project on the Everscale blockchain that brings NFTs and the community closer than EVER! The governance system will help the ScalePunks team to better understand the needs of our fellowship, while still developing beyond our scope, to become the biggest fully decentralized Punks NFT project.
The release of our governance token will allow users to make decisions on our future developments.