Special Collection — Season 1


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Welcome to the Grandbazar
NFT Collectors Club
The most active members of grandbazar.io will receive 3333 unique NFTs from the exclusive GB Merchants collection as well as access to our Collectors Club. Holders of the Special GB Merchants collection will be rewarded with access to special features and services on GrandBazar.

GB Merchants Holders can expect the following benefits:
Exclusive access to the NFT launchpad. Launchpad includes potentially cheaper mint prices and access to launch features.
Whitelists for premium collections from the Launchpad.
Reduce Service fees
Access to the GrandBazar Beta features.
GrandBazar token (GBT) airdrop.

Grandbazar Merchants Collector Club

Grandbazar.io is the largest NFT marketplace based on the Everscale blockchain. By using Ever tokens, the Everscale community can directly exchange, buy and sell NFTs.
Grandbazar.io is much more than an NFT marketplace
It is a launchpad for new NFT collections and it also provides an opportunity to create unique collections, mint an NFT, get an advice on smart contracts and join the NFT community with other crypto enthusiasts.
What is the GB Collectors Club?
This is the community of the most active grandbazar.io members. Club members will receive unique NFTs from the exclusive GB Merchants collection and access to our club.
How to get into the GB Collectors Club?
— Create an Everscale crypto wallet (Everspace, Ever Surf or EVER WALLET).
— Sign in grandbazar.io.
— Mint or buy an NFT on the grandbazar.io.
How much does a special NFT cost for GB Collectors Club members?
For the club members NFTs are free. They will be given to gleem winners and early GrandBazar users.
What is Everscale?
Everscale is a blockchain network, GrandBazar based on this blockchain. The Everscale community has over 30,000 active members.