BoarWar NFT Collection

BoarWar is a play-to-earn blockchain game where players go to war to conquer lands and build dynasties that stand the test of time
Your warriors on the battlefield are 8,000 unique and beautifully designed boars equipped with varying weapons and boasting their own distinct skill sets. BoarWar was inspired by our favorite literary works as well some of the most notable games in the genre, such as Heroes of Might and Magic, Gwent, Game of Thrones, and obviously Animal Farm. Our goal is to build a game that is rather easy to get into but just as addictive as the best games of the late 90s.
Our ambition and ultimate goal is to create the strongest play-to-earn community in the industry.
It’s crucial to stress here that we aim to release an NFT collection for a game already under development. Our NFTs are purposely and practically designed with a real playable game in mind for users to enjoy. We can confidently promise NFTs bearing more value than 90% of projects in the NFT space as these tokens will be utilized in a game planned for release in 2022.
April 2022
BoarWar initial NFT
collection release
May 2022
Focus on Community, Development
and Charity funds
June 2022
Female Boarettes
collection release
July 2022
Launch of Boar Breeding
August 2022
Land airdrops and public
October 2022
Battle game beta
December 2022
In-House item NFT
marketplace release
Q1 2023
Q2 2023
Combat mode alpha

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BoarWar NFTs will be available for minting really soon Follow our Discord and Twitter to keep up with the news!
After receiving a generous tip, the bartender whispers: ”A boar can wield only one rare weapon depending on its race. Perhaps today is the day when lady luck smiles on you, my swinely friend…”

Some answers to your questions.
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What is BoarWar? 🐗
It is a play-to-earn multiplayer game to be released in 2022. The first phase is the sale of the collection of 8,000 unique medieval boar warriors grunting and squealing on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each one possesses its own particular skill traits, gaming parameters, weapons.
What will be the time of initial minting? 📅
The initial minting day is 21 of april.
How much will an NFT cost? 💵
The initial Boar NFT price is 0.04 ETH during the public sale, or 0.03 ETH on the pre-sale round. Lower than the average price of new NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain.
How can i get the whitelist spot? ⚪
Every week we are announcing different contests and giveaways. You can win the NFTs, USDT or whitelist spots. You can check the information about our contests and giveaways in #announcment
When the first game loops will be available? 🕹
This really depends on the results of the initial NFTs sales, but our realistic plan is to release the first loops in the first quarter of 2022.
How was the BoarWar NFT collection created? 🔥
The collection was created with the help of a craftily designed algorithm that blended 150 elements from 14 categories.
How to play BoarWar? ❓
In order to take part in a battle, a player needs to have from 10 to 15 cards in his deck. The minimum number of Boar cards that should be in a player's deck is 7. The Boar cards can be bought during the initial NFT collection pre-sale/public sale, acquired by means of breeding or purchased on the marketplace that will be launched prior to the game beta release. The rest spots in a deck can be filled by troops units. A player can hire additional troops in the mercenary camp as well as buy battle machines (ballistae, catapults, ammo carts) in the mechanical depot. The troops will be rather cheap to purchase; however, their fighting power will be much lower than the one of the Boar cards. Mind that the troops cards will be in your deck till the end of the day, after which you will need to hire them again. The troops units will not be NFTs and hence, will not be written on the blockchain. They will only exist in the game client.
Are we gonna see female boars collection? 🌸
In June 2022, the team will release additional playing cards known as Boarette NFTs
Can we bred Boars and Boarettes? 🙌
A player can buy 1 male Boar and 1 female Boar for the same price. The Boar couple can be bred then to produce offspring. As an initial breeding price will be 0.02 ETH for each piglet, this approach will be beneficial for a player.
Are there any benefits for those who have more than one Boar NFT? 👌
The players who buy 7 male Boars from the original collection will have additional benefits. Firstly, they will receive a Boarette completely for free. Such Boarettes will be airdropped to the male Boars owners' wallets prior to the female collection pre-sale. Secondly, by purchasing 7 male Boars a player increases his/her chance to mint a Boar from the Elite class. One should not forget that each Elite class Boar owner will receive a plot of land free of charge in August.
For eons boar tribes have roamed these bountiful lands of Aurora Boarealis. Unfortunately, a time of unrest and total war is coming. The King of Swinia, the kingdom of the Dead Field Boars, Hammon the II, was to be married to Porcita, the princess of the Cave Kingdom of Piggeton. Alas, while venturing through the Dark Forest on his journey to the wedding ceremony, he was brutally murdered. Many suspected that this plot was hatched by Swinilla the Dzik, the emperor of the
Mountain Boar empire and a long-term admirer of Porcita. The Mountain Boars denied having any involvement in this deed and accused Hogrik the Fair, the leader of the Forest Boar Alliance. Bridges have been burnt, peace lost, and a cloud of chaos looms above the realms of Aurora Boarealis. War is inevitable and the victors will be the ones to write history