Beginner's Guide

Open your Chrome browser. Type «‎extraton extension chrome» in the search bar.

The first link will lead you to the extraTON wallet page in Chrome Web Store.

Click on «‎Add to Chrome» to add the wallet on your device.

Click on «‎Add extension» in a new window and go to the next step.

Next, you will see a new window with the notification that extraTON has been added to your Chrome.

Now you can always find it in the upper right corner of your Chrome Browser.

Click on the «puzzle» icon to open the window with all your extensions. If you want to pin extraTON in the toolbar, click on the «pin» icon.

Your Chrome Browser would look like this.

Click on the blue crystal icon and activate extraTON. You will be prompted to create an electronic wallet. For this click «Create new wallet».

Your wallet is almost ready! Click «I’m agreed with Privacy Policy» and «I securely saved it». Safely save a set of words that in your case will not be covered with pixels. This is your password.

Your wallet will look like this. The number of coins you have will be displayed next to the «crystal» icon.

Create an account.

The next step is to connect your electronic wallet to the account, that you created earlier. To do that, click on «Connect Wallet» in the upper right corner.

This will open a window that already contains your e-wallet number. Click «Connect» to move on.

Now your wallet number is displayed in the top panel of the site.

To see which digital works are available on the marketplace, click on «Explore».

You will see a page with the digital works that are displayed for sale.

Select the work you like and click on it. You will see a description of the work chosen, it’s price, creator’s name and owners name, as well as the «Buy now» button.

Let’s try to create an NFT. To do this, click «Create+» in the top menu. You will see a form to fill in.

Select the appropriate file to upload. Come up with a name and description and enter them into the relevant fields. Note that you can enter a price only when the «Put on marketplace» slider is in the right position.

Explore the sections of the site to use all its features!

What Is an NFT?

NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique digital asset that represents some other data like texts, images, music, collectibles, in-game items, financial instruments, videos, etc. NFTs are hosted on Everscale blockchain and they generally work as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. But that’s where the similarity ends. Let's make it clearer.

Cryptocurrencies are conditionally interchangeable, like USD and EUR. That means that, for example, one bitcoin in the wallet of one person is equal to one bitcoin in the wallet of another person. In contrast, one NFT token that represents an image is not equal to one NFT token of another user, since it can be different images with different values.

NFTs are unique and each of them exists in a single copy. Each token contains identifying information recorded in its smart contract. This is what makes each NFT unique.

NFT solves the problem of securing property rights of digital objects. Information about the owner and his tokens is fixed in the blockchain, and it is impossible to replace or delete it.

What Is a Smart Contract?

In the world of cryptocurrencies, a smart contract is an application or program running on the blockchain. A smart contract works like a normal sales contract or money exchange, but all of this happens in digital form. If we speak of the blockchain, smart contracts allow you to create trust protocols. This means that the parties to the contract can assume obligations through the blockchain without knowing each other. Formally, our NFTs are smart contracts, using TIP-3 standart.

What is Minting?

Minting (or forging) is the process of creating cryptocurrencies using a Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol. Unlike Proof of Work (PoW), this algorithm has specified input parameters with a constant characteristic based on the available savings of coin holders.

The owner does not need to perform calculations and waste resources on mining. Instead, he receives a reward in the form of commission payments for transactions within the blockchain. Remuneration depends on the percentage of his ownership in the total mass of coins. So, for example, if there is 5% of all coins in his wallet, remuneration would be 5% of the blocks generated.

As for NFT, if you want to create your own NFTs you need to mint it, which means you should pay a minting fee.

How to create NFT?

To work with NFT platforms, you'll need an Extraton wallet and author's work that you'll attach to the token. This could be an image, an audio clip, a video clip, a 3D-model, etc.

Creating NFT via exchange:

  • Go to the site of the
  • Click «Create NFTs».
  • Select the file (images, videos) from which you will create NFT tokens and create a new collection.
  • Upload video, melody or image in JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, WEBP or MP4 formats. The file size may not surpass 20 MB.
  • Add a name, logo and description of the collection.
  • Add a title and description of the object.
  • Click «Create Item»