We are calling
all artists and creators to join our

NFT Creators Program

Have your artworks being minted into NFTs and featured on the GrandBazar NFT Marketplace in the first month of the platform's launching. This is the perfect opportunity to turn your talent into NFTs and get profit.

Premium benefits

We’re looking for cutting-edge creators who know the latest trends and relish the opportunity to be featured on GrandBazar IO. We invite artists and creators of all kinds to join us on this great adventure. Take your first step to the highly profitable and exciting NFT journey!

Free minting
Help with your promotion
Top slots for your collections on our main page
Promo landing page for big collections

Everscale Blockchain

Grandbazar.io envisions to be the most popular marketplace and
style icon for non-fungible tokens (“NFT”) on Everscale.
Low Cost for Minting
TruNft Technology
High Network Speed

Request to email

Send an email to artist@grandbazar.io with “GB NFT Creators Program” in the subject line.
    Please include the following information:
  • Some words about yourself
  • Your social media accounts, if available (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or others)
  • Your experience with NFT
  • Examples of your work (links to password-free file storages are Ok, otherwise don’t forget to include the password)
  • How many NFT works can you produce in September?
Please send one request at a time, using a form, or via email: artist@grandbazar.io.

Or fill in the form

Personal or project website. Links to password-free file storages are Ok, otherwise don’t forget to include the password).